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Advanced Scripts

These files are zipped with all the files needed for each script. As a rule I do not distribute Microsoft® executables (I have enough problems in my life), so I have had to leave out the files that are not freely available. The missing ones will be noted with each download.


These utilities are freely downloadable elsewhere, but I have provided them here for convenience.

  • MTR.EXE - MiniTru, a text replacement utility. Very useful for dealing with difficult data files. Courtesy of Andrew Pipkin.
  • PSINFO.EXE - PSINFO is a system information tool from SysInternals
  • CLC.EXE - A simple command line calculator from Andreja Andric
  • HTTPGETFILE.EXE - A utility that will download a file over HTTP, which can be very useful.
  • PL.EXE - The Ploticus executable for creating graphs. The full product can be downloaded from http://ploticus.sourceforge.net
  • CHGSTR.EXE - A very useful string manipulation tool from Ralph L. Brown
  • GETVER.EXE - A utility to retrieve version information from executables from L.Brisar
  • GETVER2HTML.EXE - The same as above, but formated in HTML
  • LOGEVENT.EXE - A tool that will log an event in the system event log
  • NETUSERS.EXE - A tool that will report on logged in users from Marty List
  • SMTPSEND.EXE - A simple SMTP emailing utility
  • USERDUMP.EXE - Dumps users from a domain controller
  • USRSTAT.EXE - Dumps a list of domain users
  • PWDGEN.EXE - Simple but efefctive random password generator
  • OPENSSL.EXE - A must have for encrypting passwords etc.
  • SED15.EXE - A UNIX-like stream editor, usefule for string manipulation.
  • Unix Tools - A set of UNIX utilities for DOS/Windows - highly recommended.

From Microsoft® - links point to associated Microsoft web pages. Please contact me if any links are broken.